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We develop software products and experimental test rigs to model or characterize sound absorbing materials or sound sources.

Experimental test rigs

Matelys provides turnkey equipments developed by Mecanum for full elastic and acoustic characterizations of porous materials used for acoustic applications.
These equipments include:

Matelys also develops on-demand experimental test rigs.

Impedance tube by Mecanum
↑ Impedance tube (different diameters or cross-sections available as well as different configurations: absorption and transmission). PDF doc for impedance tube (ISO 10534-2, ASTM E1050, ASTM E2611). PDF doc for high SPL tube
Square impedance tube by Mecanum
↑ Impedance tube with a square cross-section (available configurations: absorption and transmission; ISO 10534-2, ASTM E1050, ASTM E2611). PDF documentation
Impedance tube for raod absorption by Mecanum
↑ Impedance tube for road sound absorption (ISO 13492-2). PDF documentation
Quasistatic Mechanical Analyser by Mecanum
↑ Quasi-static visco-elastic test rig (uni-axial compression test, ISO 18437-5). PDF documentation
Porosity-meter by Mecanum
↑ Porosity meter based on the missing mass method. PDF documentation
Tortuosity-meter by Mecanum
↑ Ultrasonic tortuosity meter. PDF documentation
Oberst beam method by Mecanum
↑ Oberst beam test rig (ISO 6721-3, ASTM E756). PDF documentation
Fabric Permeability Sytem by Mecanum
↑ Permeability meter (ISO 9237). PDF documentation
Acoustic cabin by Mecanum
↑ Acoustic cabin for sound absorption and transmission measurements. PDF documentation
Weather station by Mecanum
↑ Weather station.
3D acoustic camera by Mecanum
↑ 3D acoustic camera. PDF documentation