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We digest scientific works, build training programs and can help you to advertise your innovations to specific audiences.

Training programs

We provide regular & on-demand training programs to update or deepen your knowledge.
Below are some examples of our training programs. A larger list of topics is available as a PDF file.

Porous material modeling
Micro-macro approaches

Perforated plates modeling

Measurement techniques for the acoustic and elastic characterizations of porous media
Building acoustic & vibrations

Digest knowledge

We select and digest publications, take the essence of them to make reactive documents.
We put this into practice for our deliverables which may take the form of: PDF report, PDF presentations, interactive web pages or software products.

In the example below, we compute in real time and in your web-browser, the absorption coefficient in diffuse sound field for a
mm-thick perforated plate (or facing screen) with
• a perforation rate of %
• and a perforation radius of microns,
backed by an air-gap (or plenum) of 20 mm-thick.

Click/Touch and drag the underlined blue text to change the values and compute a new result.

As you can see, an optimal set of parameters (thickness, perforation rate and radius) for the perforated plate (or facing screen) can be identified.

Sound abs. coefficient vs. frequency:

Check out our companion website APMR to see more of our competences.

Of course, these competences can also be found in our reports and our software products


Benefit from Matelys scientific and industrial networks to advertise your innovations & know-how.

Co-publication: confs, journals, seminars...
We are regularly invited in international conferences to present new developments
Assistance in result presentation.
Benefit from our expertise to show the essence of your work
Internal know-how communication.
Communicate your team's expertise to the rest of the company group