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We are at the interface between suppliers and customers, material developers and end users.


You develop multi-functional applications and are seeking for a sound package? We can find the solution and the supplier or help you to build specification files
Design of a thin material for building applications
Material selection for innovative building applications
Design of multi-layer sound package for transport applications coping with multi-functional criteria
Design of perforated plates for transport and equipment applications with seepage


Material usage

You develop materials and are seeking for potential applications? We assess the performances of your materials and assist you to meet prospects

Selection of vegetal fibers (wood, hemp, flax) or animal fibers (sheep) for building applications

Study of auxetic material for vibro-acoustic applications

Sound and vibration deadening materials from recycled matters

Design of lignin based material for sound absorption and market selection


Daily assistance

You need an every day support for your material selection, characterization, modeling...? We offer a range of services upon a round year assistance.

Determination of input parameters for porous media in SEA models

Analysis of external experimental and calculation results with complementary simulations or characterizations

Material selection, preliminary simulations & modeling assistance for FEM simulations of trimmed car body

Selection of acoustic porous model from preliminary characterization results