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We develop software products and experimental test rigs to model or characterize sound absorbing materials or sound sources.

Software products

Matelys develops original software products. As the first users and the developers, Matelys' members offer a responsive and skilled support.

Acoustic simulations

AlphaCell predicts the sound absorption and sound transmission performances of complex multi-layer systems

ScalingCell links the 2D or 3D micro-morphology of a porous material to its acoustic, elastic and thermo-dynamic properties

AcoustiCalc by AED predicts the sound transmission or insertion loss of silencers and mufflers.

Acoustic Measurements & characterization

TubeCell is an acquisition software to manage impedance tube measurements (for absorption following ISO 10534-2 and/or for transmission).

RoKCell is a characterization assistant used to determine the visco-inertial and thermal parameters of porous materials and facing screens. RoKCell also characterizes the Özyörük time-domain impedance model for liners

BatCell is an acquisition software to manage standard measurements in Building (such as ISO 10140 & 354 standards)

DBCell is a tool for managing material database, with dedicated features for vibro-acoustics purposes.

Flow characterizations & simulations

PipingCell is an advanced measurement and analysis tool for piping applications with non-intrusive or intrusive sensors

ProLB-porous is a module to account for acoustical porous media in a Computation Fluid Dynamic prediction tool based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method